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At CSI we strive to live our daily lives and conduct our business according to the teachings of the Lord, Jesus Christ. We have found that there are many rewards, much happiness and a great peace that comes from living this way. If you do not know Jesus, follow the links below or contact us here at CSI by email or calling 804-369-5466.

Definition of God An explaination of what God is.
God's Promises God's names reveal some of His promises to man.
Names of God The names of God in the Bible reveal His character.
Who is Jesus? A brief explaination of Jesus.
The Gospel Four main parts to the Gospel of Salvation.
The Good News God loves each and everyone of us, there is Hope.
The Blessing Some of the actions for which we receive Blessings.

Outside Link

For an excellent explanation of man's relationship with God take a look at the four spiritual laws.

If you have questions about God, the best source of information is the Bible. However, here are a few Christian links which should also be helpful:

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