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BLESSING - The opposite of a curse, Deuteronomy 30:19. Anything that gives happiness (Webster's New World Dictionary). To be a blessing, therefore, means to be helpful, kind and truthful with people -- resulting in their happiness. The ultimate blessing for people is to know God. Therefore, by being truthful with people about who God is and showing them how to know Him results in their true happiness and joy.

The Bible has much to say about how to be Blessed:

Blessed (supremely happy) are the men that:

  • Walk not in counsel of ungodly, stand not in way of sinners, sit not in seat of scornful (Psalms 1:1).
  • Put their trust in God (Ps. 2:12; 34:8; 40:4; 84:12; Jer. 17:7).
  • Have sins forgiven, and to whom the Lord will not impute sin (Ps. 32:1-2).
  • Respect not the proud, and do not turn aside to lies (Ps. 40:4).
  • Consider the poor (Ps. 41:1).
  • Are chosen by God to approach Him and dwell in His courts (Ps. 65:4).
  • Dwell in God's house (Ps. 84:4).
  • Have their strength in God (Ps. 84:5).
  • Know the joyful sound (Ps. 89:15).
  • Are chastened by God (Ps. 94:12).
  • Keep judgment and do righteousness at all times (Ps. 106:3).
  • Fear (reverence) the Lord (Ps. 112:1; 128:1).
  • Keep His testimonies and seek Him with a whole heart (Ps. 119:2).
  • Walk in His ways (Ps 128:1)
  • Do hunger and thirst after righteousness (Matt. 5:6).
  • Are merciful (Matt. 5:7).
  • Are pure in heart (Matt. 5:8)
  • Are peacemakers (Matt. 5:9).
  • Are persecuted for His righteousness (Matt. 5:10).
  • Are reviled, persecuted, and talked about falsely for My sake (Matt. 5:11).
  • Will not be offended in Me (Matt. 11:6).
  • Receive revelations (Matt. 16:17).
  • Believe and yet have not seen (John 20:29).
  • Endure temptation (James 1:12).
  • Continue in truth (James 1:25).
  • Read, hear, and keep the prophecy of this book (Rev. 1:3; 22:7).
  • Die in the Lord (Rev. 14:13).
  • Are called to the marriage of the Lamb (Rev. 19:9).
  • Have part in the first resurrection (Rev. 20:6).
  • Keep His commandments (Rev. 22:14).


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